Don’t Let the Black Eyed Children In

Characteristics  Seemingly normal children at first glance, usually between the ages of 6 and 16 show up outside someone’s door.Although sometimes their clothing is normal or they have talon-like feet. Origin Story- Abilene Texas 1996 in Abilene Texas, Brian Bethel, a journalist had a odd encounterHe had stopped in a parking lot near a movie... Continue Reading →

Attack of Cave Demons Near Tora Bora

Background: January 25, 2002 three US marines are briefed on mission by their gunnery sergeant they are to figure out and destroy whatever is causing the sonar interference, which has rendered their sonar mapping systems useless.They believed the interference was the result of a jamming device by the Taliban or Al QaedaCorporals Lattrel Wade, Derrek... Continue Reading →

Scitecah Giants of Lovelock Cave

Description of Sci-te-Cah: Lovelock Cave, known also as Bat Cave, Horseshoe Cave, Sunset Guano Cave and Indian Cave is located 20 miles south of modern day Lovelock, Nevada. It’s a very old cave that pre-dates humans on the continent and in prehistoric times was underneath Lake Lahontan. Nevada there were legends of barbaric red-haired giants known... Continue Reading →

Little People of Spirit of Mound

Background of the Spirit Mounds Spirit Mound Historic Prairie is a state park of South Dakota, The Plains Indians of the region considered Spirit Mound the home of dangerous spirits or little peopleThe local Indians were terrified of the hill, and would not venture anywhere near it.They believed that just a few decades earlier (some time... Continue Reading →

Enter This Man Who Haunts Our Dreams

Have You? Have you dreamed about this man comforting or befriending you over the past two years? Then you are one of thousands across the world who have dreamed "this man." Now they have set up a website to describe their experiences.According to the This Man website, set up to bring together the people who... Continue Reading →

MOMO-Missouri Monster

Name your Sasquatch Named Momo, which is short for Missouri often hyphenated as Mo, and monster shortened to moHence the name Momo Description: He was said to be: TallSasquatch likeBlack shaggy fur from head to toeThe hair covers his faceFoul odored  Background During the summer of 1972, in the small rural town of Louisiana Missouri,... Continue Reading →

Slender Man & The Dark Side of Internet Memes

Narrated by: Daniela Elana (Dazzling1) References: Music: “Sailing to Pleadias” by Michael J Stewart Pictures by:

Real Cases of Zombies & Clairvius Narcisse

Zombies are a popular a fixture of horror and science fiction in film, literature and television. Like most tropes, zombies are based on historical accounts. Based on Afro-Caribbean lore of victims being drugged, beaten and kidnapped to labor, we'll examine a few cases including the most notable example being that of Clairvius Narcisse.

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