Encounters With The Beast of Bray Road


  • The Beast of Bray Road is also known as Dog Man, Man Dog, or Werewolf
  • The first sighting of this creature was in 1936
  • The most recent sightings were between 1989-1991 near Delavan and Elkhorn Wisconsin


  • Some view this creature as supernatural and possessing the ability to shape shift
  • While others see it as a pure physical cryptid, lacking any paranormal abilities
  • Grayish/brown fur from head to toe
  • Half man half canine/wolf
  • Head of the wolf
  • Shiny yellow eyes
  • Pointed ears
  • Can stand on only two legs
  • Stand on all fours or lean back on its haunches
  • With a lean/muscular physique
  • Around 6ft tall
  • It’s diet isn’t fully known but those who have happened upon it eating say it consisted of carrion or small roadkill
  • Some have seen this creature eating its prey with its hands with its palms facing upwards
  • There’s no known attacks of this creature harming a human
  • Some have suggested the creature has ran at them or jumped on their vehicle

Other Cryptids People have compared it to

  • Most well known alleged by some werewolf
  • Bigfoot (Sasquatch) or Wisconsin Bigfoot known as Bluff man/Eddy
  • Wendigo, which is noted for being sighted in the neighboring state of Minnesota
  • Skunk-ape (an odd relative of Bigfoot)
  • Waheela (or bear-dog)
  • Canine-like shunka warakin,
  • Possible unidentified species

The Media picks up the Story of the Beast of Bray Road:

  • Although sightings go back to the 30s the most well documented took place in the late 20th century.
  • a local newspaper, the Walworth County Week, assigned the reporter Linda Godfrey to cover the story. Initially, she was skeptical, but soon became convinced of its authenticity and later wrote a book titled The Beast of Bray Road: Tailing Wisconsin’s Werewolf.
  • “Thanks to Godfrey’s reporting, state and national news organizations picked up the story of the beast of Bray Road and more people came forward to relay their own sightings.

First Sighting (1936)

  • One gentleman, Joe Shackleman from nearby Racine, Wis., came forward to tell the story his father shared with him many decades prior. According to Shackleman, his father Mark Shackleman was a night watchman at a convent and observed a beast standing on a Native American burial ground in 1936.

The creature had three shriveled fingers and a body covered in dark fur, and that it was more than 6 feet (1.8 meters) tall. The beast had a low growl and emitted a strong odor that wreaked of decaying meat.

He returned the following day to see if the creature was still there. It was, and spoke a three syllable word that sounded like “gadara” with the second syllable emphasized.

1964 Sighting

Dennis Fewless claimed to have an encounter with the beast described by Shackelman, This time the sighting was in Harvard, Illinois. Around midnight, while driving home from his job at Admiral Television Corporation, Fewless turned onto Highway 89 from Highway 14. Suddenly, his headlights shined on a odd creature sprinting across the road.  Its fur was a dark brown and it looked to weigh around 400-500 pounds with a height of seven or eight feet.

The beast jumped a barbed wire fence disappearing. There was a little evidence af ter the sighting except for a area where the beast pushed corn aside as it ducked into a field. In an interview with author Jay Rath, Fewless stated that “I was awful scared that night. That was no man. It was all hairy from head to feet.”

1972 Sighting

A woman called police to report an attempted break in.

When interviewed by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources during an investigation, the woman stated that the intruder was a large, unknown animal. It approached her home and tried to enter through a door.

She later reported the beast returned to her home and injured a farm animal, inflicting a deep wound that extended from one shoulder to the other.

Her description matched that of the Beast of Bray Road. The only evidence left behind was a footprint, which measured over twelve inches in length.

1980-1990s sightings

  • Elkhorn Burger King who witnessed claims to have witness the beast running along the road; she described it as a “very powerful, fast runner.”
  • Several others reported strange footprints around the area and Elkhorn’s animal control began a file that held numerous accounts of “unidentified walking animals.”


  • A new species of a animal that has not been captured and classified
  • Misidentified known animal such as a: wolf, bear, or large feral dog and possibly a group that has become so comfortable with humankind with adapting to changes in their environment that they have no fear approaching humans or cars.
  • Panic when people are approached by this creature creates hallucinations and hysteria and cause them to believe that this misidentified or unknown species is shape shifting or they exaggerate it’s feature
  • Some think it is hallucination to begin with or a prankster in a suit.
  • Could it be there are two or more separate creatures perhaps some cryptids, and known creatures coexisting in those forests getting lumped together as the sightings of the same creature?

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