The Haunting Tale of the Bunny Man Bridge


  • On Colchester Road in Fairfax County located in Northern Virginia just under the Amtrak train there’s a place once riddled with murder.
  • Some say if someone ventures under this bridge at midnight or on Halloween bunny man will attack them.


  • Bunny man is said to dress in a bunny costume.
  • Wields a hatchet

His Origins:

Asylum Patient

  • In 1904 there once was a asylum in Clifton Virginia not too far from the bridge
  • Those who resided in the area weren’t fond of a asylum being near their homes
  • The asylum was shut down and the patients were put on a bus to Lorton prison


  • On their way of being transported the bus swerved and crashed.
  • They managed to located all of the patients on the prison bus except for one-Douglas Griffon.
  • In some versions of the tale he escapes with another prisoner, Marcus Lawster
  • Also in other version it is said he murdered the other 10 patients and stuffed carrots in their mouth
  • Weeks went by and there was a odd uptick of bunny corpses appearing in the surrounding woods.
  • It is thought Griffon was eating rabbits to survive and left a trail of dead rabbit bodies

His demise

  • It is said his end was met when police found him and he tried to flee.
  • Bunny man was struck by a train but some say his ghost still haunts the area
  • It is thought if someone is in the area on Halloween they will see his murder victims before a few rabbits appear signaling his coming.
  • He will appear
  • Then a bright light is seen like it was before the train hit them.
  • If the person don’t get out of harm’s way they will be blinded and hypnotized by the light making them a prime target for the spirit of bunny man.

1905 Halloween

  • In 1905 during Halloween a group of kids were hanging out under the bridge when a bright orb of light surged toward them. Next thing, all the kids were gutted and strung up like rabbits.
  • After this murder, people started speculating that the murder was Douglas Griffon.
  • After this murder, it was rumored if someone was caught hanging out by the bridge at midnight or Halloween they too would be one of Bunny man’s nexts victims.


  • Another popular story linked to this bridge is that: There was a young man from Clifton, Virginia who came upon the Bridge while traveling. Later, he killed his parents and dragged their bodies into the woods to hang them from the bridge before he killed himself.


  • In 2001, after hearing the tale, six local students and a guide searched the area.
  • They found mutilated bunny parts during their search and left the forest after they heard noises and saw figures moving around in the woods.

The Real History:

  • Like all urban legends the truth is exaggerated.
  • There was never a asylum in Clifton
  • Nor was there a escapee from a prison bus

1970 Origin Attacking a Couple

  • The true story is traced back to what a couple describes
  • October of 1970, Air Force Academy cadet Robert Bennett was driving with his fiance in Northern Virginia.
  • The pair stopped on the 5400 block of Guinea Road in Fairfax, a location near his uncle’s house, and they were sitting in their car They were parked in their driveway not too far from the bridge
  • They claim “Someone appeared very quickly, yelled something having to do with trespassing, and threw a hatchet at the car,” Conley explains. “They did not get a very good look at the person. … All they really got was ‘dressed in white or light-colored clothing, and may or may not have had something on his head.’”
  • The man hatchet he threw cracked the windshield and they drove straight to the police station to report the incident
  • When the story made the papers, that “something on his head” became bunny ears.
  • After the incident the story began circulating evolving into a far scarier tale


  • Ten days later, right around Halloween, a construction company near the area became the Bunnyman’s new stomping grounds.
  • A security guard named Paul Phillips was on duty, when he came across a man dressed in black and gray with bunny ears, similar to the initial report from the couple.
  • He was vandalizing a house, and when Phillips approached, the oddly dressed man is reported to have said: “All you people trespass around here. If you don’t get out of here, I’m going to bust you in the head.”
  • This man seemed to really have issues with people trespassing, even if he was the one destroying other people’s property.
  • Again, when the police went looking for him, they didn’t turn up much. But once that story hit the papers, the floodgates opened.
  • The Fairfax County Police got over fifty reports from people who had claimed to see the Bunnyman, some more credible than others.

No One is allowed to walk under the bridge

  • Due to how narrow it is under the bridge for both a walker and car to fit it prohibited to walk under the bridge.
  • Police watch the area closely especially on Halloween since it is a place of fascination for paranormal enthusiasts and kids to venture for pranks.


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