The Melon Head Children of the Woodlands


  • Since the 1960s and 1970s
  • In the forests of the suburban midwest and Northeast of the states of Connecticut, Ohio and Michigan
  • There have been tales of strange humanoids known as the melon heads


  • Completely bald
  • Large bulbous melon shaped heads
  • Deformed arms and legs
  • Sharp dagger like teeth
  • Luminous red eyes

Origin by State Sightings:


  • Much of the origin story for the sightings in Michigan is thought surrounds the Felt Mansion near Saugatuck and Holland Michigan
  • It is believed there was once a insane asylum not too far from the mansion
  • A family gave birth to kids who suffered from the deformity hydrocephalus (excessive cerebrospinal fluid to the brain.
  • They were shipped them of to the old Junction insane asylum
  • that housed children who suffered from a deformity known as Hydrocephalus where there is excess cerebrospinal fluid in the brain
  • It is thought the kids were physically and emotionally tormented until they were released into the woods to fend for themselves
  • In some versions of the tale the kids conspired an escaped attacked the mad scientist who was at the asylum,
  • They escaped the hospital with his body, and fleeing into the woods.
  • They lost their sense of humanity, and feasted on the doctors flesh, scattering his bones around a deserted mansion tucked away in the forest
  • Others believed they lived in the Felt Mansion and mysteriously fled into underground caves
  • A even darker theory to their residence in the mansion was they were victims of abuse.
  • Eventually they rose up killed the doctor and left pieces of his body strewn throughout the mansion before fleeing.


  • In Kirtland Ohio it is thought the kids were in a orphanage rather than a insane asylum and were were experimented on by a cruel doctor named Doctor Crow
  • He caused their hair to fall of their bodies and to mutate by injecting more fluid into their heads to grow the size of their heads causing mental retardation and insanity
  • Like the Michigan origin they took a stand murdered the doctor, set fire to the orphanage and lived a feral life in the woods resorting to cannibalism
  • Some claims Dr. Crow was not cruel but loving and shielded them from the cruel world and when he died the melon head kids went insane burned the property and wandered into the wood enraged and confused killing anyone who crossed their path
  • Some missing people and livestock were blamed on the melon heads
  • It is thought they reproduced through incest carrying on more generations


  • In Southwest Connecticut near Fairfield and New Haven county like Michigan it was thought they once were patients at a insane asylum
  • In the 1960s a fire destroyed the asylum and the patients deformities resulted from trying to survive in the woods incest and cannibalism
  • Others think they date back to the colonial times Shelton-Trumbull family tree, after which two Connecticut towns were named.
  • The Shelton-Trumbull clan were exiled on the charge of witchcraft, and their only chance of survival was to seek shelter in the woods
  • The disfigurement is attributed to inbreeding and cannibalism.
  • Rural dusty one lane roads are attributed to their territory

Modern day:

  • Some drivers have claimed to see them in the forest while passing by
  • Some teenagers who’ve wandered to the Felt Mansion have claimed to see the melon heads


  • Allegan County Historical Society claims that the alleged insane asylum never existed.
  • There’s always been tales of deformed rural people living as outcast
  • Could the be based on Melungeon people who were stigmatized at one time and were a multiracial mixed group of people that were the result of outcast Europeans, former African-American slaves and Native Americans mixing together and the name got changed to melon heads and scary stories told.
  • Aliens or hybrids?


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