Vanishing Hitchhikers: The Woman in White and Doomsday Passengers

Vanishing Hitchhikers have been a common staple of urban legends since the 19th century when people traversed roads alone. Most times the ghostly hitchhiker is said to be a woman in white although the gender can vary. In this episode, the origins and connections between similar tales will be explored as well as claims people were warned by such spectral passengers.

The Haunting Tale of the Bunny Man Bridge

Background: On Colchester Road in Fairfax County located in Northern Virginia just under the Amtrak train there‚Äôs a place once riddled with murder.Some say if someone ventures under this bridge at midnight or on Halloween bunny man will attack them. Characteristics: Bunny man is said to dress in a bunny costume.Wields a hatchet His Origins:... Continue Reading →

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